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My experience in the embroidery business started in 1988 as a supervisor for a plant with over 120 heads. Starting in 1990 I became more involved in the technical portion of embroidery and started learning the mechanical and electrical aspects. That is when I began as a technical support engineer for a distributor in a 13 state region. As a technical engineer I gained valuable experience working with a broader range of embroidery machines, as well as, production sites. I became more involved in consulting, training, as well as repairing both a full line of Melco and Tajima single and multi head embroidery machines for over 6 years.

Over the next 7 years of my career was with two large garment manufacturers, overseeing their embroidery plants, as well as acting as a consultant to their off-site production facilities.

CPW Services Inc. was formed in 1997 on a part time basis offering after hour and weekend service for a growing customer base, of which I was able to offer not just repair service but training and consulting on all of their embroidery equipment needs.

Through hard work and a good reputation I gained more and more referrals so that I felt compelled to go to full-time operation to meet the growing needs of my customers. And in November of 2004 I dedicated myself full time.

In 2004 I was approached by BROTHER INTERNATIONAL and became a CERTIFIED independent technician, for their machines and software.

In October 2005 I was invited by BARUDAN USA to train and certify on their current line of embroidery machines. CERTIFICATION includes both repair and training for the machines and software.

Re-certified August 2012

In April of 2006 SWF approached me to become a CERTIFIED technician in repair, training and installation of their full line of embroidery machines.

In 2009 MEISTERGRAM approached me with an offer for training for CERTIFICATION of their current line of embroidery products.  That training included both repair and how to train on their machines and software.

In 2010
TOYOTA approached me to join their ranks.  I hold their A+ CERTIFICATION to repair and train on their machines and software.

   With my acquired knowledge and experience in the EMBROIDERY industry I know I CAN HELP with YOUR EMBROIDERY NEEDS.