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Comments: THIS & THAT EMBROIDERY (Jan. 2012) I would like to thank Charles for coming to my rescue. I have a Prodigi embroidery machine that I had about given up on ever running right. I found him on the web and emailed him and had a reply in little of no time. I was scheduled a day and time for service within 2 days. He was here in Indianapolis at the time he said would, even with the snow. My machine was working like never before within a hour. Charles is very professional and awesome in his embroidery mechanical skills. I would highly recommend him. Thank You Charles!!

Lorraine Johnson (Jan 2012)

Comments: Charles: I  cannot  thank you enough for coming to clean my machine and do some maintenance on it. You took the time to show and explain to me what you were doing and why and how I can continue to do some of the stuff myself. You also took the time to talk with me and explain how I could work my machine more efficiently. You are fantastic at your job  and a true master. Thank you so very much!

Ann Lessard (Oct 2011)

Comments: I thank Mr. Woodhead for taking the time to email me on a Sunday evening with the correct fix for my machine. His reply was accurate and most appreciated.

Elizabeth Miller (Apr 2011)

Comments: Charles is the best! He totally walked me thru a series of things to get my machine up and running today. Wish we had a tech out here in So. Cal like him! I had a different tech out last week and he fixed it for a week, won't return calls or emails....terrible...Charles saved the day! You are awesome!!! Val

Valerie Siggson (Mar 2011)

Comments: Charles is the best! I feel like my machines (and therefore my business) is in excellent hands with him. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the embroidery business and machines -- he can fix any problem... even when I think I really broke it for good this time, he very responsive, accommodating and just so nice to work with. I highly recommend his services -- definitely for repair, but also occasional 'tune-ups' throughout the year. He will take great care of your investment and is worth every penny.

Jill Levitetz (Feb 2011)

Comments: I can always count on Charles for quick and speedy service whether it be an office visit or assistance through email. More than a few times has Charles walked me through problems I was having through email. He is very knowledgeable and walks you through the problem with instructions that are easy to follow and understand. Charles has helped me out tremendously and would definitely recommend his services!!!

Jennifer Martin (Dec 2010)

Comments: He helped us out 2 years ago during Christmas and he had just lost his father. Came to Iowa in bad weather and the fix was probably easy but we had messed with so many things it took a while and it came down to old bobbins. He was very reasonable in price for the time he had spent on the road and here. He even sent us information that would help my husband with hearing loss. Very happy with everything he did them and I just e-mailed him on Sunday night and he responded within 15 minutes with an easy fix that I thought was going to be another house call and put me behind on my customers. Great service!Very personable man. Thanks Charles!!

Dottie Klees (Nov 2010)

Comments: Charles is very, very knowledgeable and patience. He set up my 4-head Barudan with ease. He trained us well. Charles has worked on my Toyota and my Ricoma as well.

Sandtricia Strickland (Sep 2010)

Comments: Called on a Sunday after he serviced machines on a Thursday.  Helped me on the phone on a Sunday.  10 minutes later he called me back with another suggestions.

Jordan Dunne (Mar 2010)

Comments: I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Charles. He definitely knows his stuff, and is willing to coach, too. It was very easy to work with him in setting up our appointment, he gave me enough direction over the phone to make sure I had the right replacement parts on hand, and his rates are very reasonable. I learned more than I expected to during his visit!

Kate Manthey (Feb 2010)

Comments: Charles has been a "life saver" for me. The knowledge and help he has offered is outstanding. His quick response and knowledgeable service are 2nd to none. When you need him he will be there not just to repair your machine but to freely offer help and advice to keep it running. If you need a first rate tech, this is the man to call.

Thomas Mullally (Sep 2008)

Comments: very knowledgeable good advice COMPLETE SERVICE Gives money saving suggestions Fixed all machines brother & SWF VERY PUNCTIAL

UMA Specialties (May 2007)

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